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Sisson Furs Fur Storage

Professional fur storage is important to maximize the life and longevity of your fur coat. A professional, scientifically climate-controlled vault can protect skins from heat damage, sunlight, insects and most importantly, from drying out. Air exchange is regulated in our vault and temperatures and humidity are carefully controlled for optimum storage conditions – all of which cannot be replicated at home.

The hair on a fur coat that is inadequately stored in less than ideal conditions may appear to be in good condition but a closer inspection will reveal that the oils in the leather are drying out.

The fur will be subjected to oxidation which can discolour the fur and also change its texture. Remember: Cedar closets and chests are especially harmful because the air is particularly dry in those conditions.

Sisson Furs in Red Deer is one of only three stores in Alberta that features a climate-controlled fur vault.

We Take Old Furs on Trade-in for New Furs

Spring Cleaning (your fur coat)

Your fur coat should be cleaned once a year (we recommend springtime) by a professional furrier like Sisson Furs in Red Deer. Cleaning a fur coat can preserve the furs lustre and will also help preserve the oils in the skins. Cleaning fur is not at all similar to cleaning fabric. Furs are cleaned by using special cleaning solutions and gentle tumbling process. The garment will look more soft and supple and will appear to have a glaze when completed – a noticeable difference that will ensure a longer life for your fur coat.

Your fur is an investment that should be professionally maintained for minimal cost when compared to replacement cost. For more information on cleaning and to ensure the longevity of your fur coat call Sisson Furs in Red Deer.

Never try and clean your fur coat at home by using cleaners or solvents. Doing so may result in the hairs of the fur lying flat and looking lifeless.

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Fur Care

  • Always store your fur during warm weather with Sisson Furs or other furrier with proper refridgerated storage facilities - never at a dry cleaner. Sisson Furs is equipped with temperature, humidity and light-controlled storage vault to protect your fur.
  • Always hang you fur on a broad-shoulder hanger, never on a wire hanger. Leave enough room in the closet so the fur is not crushed.
  • Never hang your fur in a plastic or rubber-lined bag. Plastic prevents air from circulating, which can dry out the leather. When traveling, store your fur in a cloth garment bag provided by Sisson Furs.
  • If your fur gets wet, shake it out and hang it to dry in a well-ventilated room. Avoid direct heat or radiators, which can damage both fur and leather. After your fur is dry, shake it again. Most furs will take some rain and snow far better than wool or most other (non-synthetic) winter coats. If the fur is soaked through however, take it immediately to Sisson Furs for proper treatment. Never comb or brush the fur.
  • Never attempt to moth-proof fur yourself. Home treatments are no substitute for professional cleaning and storage.
  • Avoid spraying perfume or hairspray onto your fur.
  • Have fur cleaned annually by Sisson Furs in Red Deer or at a reputable fur specialist.
  • Have small rips or tears repaired immediately by Sisson Furs or professional furrier. This will prevent more expensive repairs later.
  • Avoid leaving a fur hanging in bright sunshine. Intense light can cause the fur to oxidize or change colour.
  •   Frank Kuny owner of Sisson Furs in Red Deer  
      Frank Kuny - owner of Sisson Furs in Red Deer